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We’ll help you evaluate and optimise your corporate governance and ensure ongoing compliance.

Corporate Compliance & Governance Defined

Our corporate compliance and governance services include Company Secretarial Compliance, Incorporation, and Restructuring. These three key elements help ensure your company is compliant with all regulations. They also ensure your company has a sustainable governance environment within a structure that organises and optimises both time and resources to deliver incremental and sustainable growth, revenue, and profit.

Company Secretarial
Compliance Overview

While you look after your business, we’ll make sure filing deadlines are met. This ensures compliance, avoids late penalties, and maintains your audit exemption status (if applicable). Learn more.

Incorporation Overview

Incorporation is a serious business consideration. We’ll help you understand the responsibilities you will have as a director. We can also provide practical support. Learn more.

Restructuring Overview

Our team of specialists will find the right answers to key financial questions, helping us develop a restructuring strategy that will deliver viable financial change. Learn more.

To discuss your corporate governance and compliance requirements, please call 071 916 1747 to arrange a consultation.

Corporate Governance and Compliance Services

Corporate compliance and governance work best when they are connected, interdependent, and working as one.

Managing them in isolation often causes inefficiencies, confusion, and failure on key tasks. Our professional and qualified experts can help ensure your compliance and internal governance processes are complementary to each other and always meet your reporting and control needs.

Corporate Compliance & Governance +

Our corporate compliance and governance solutions are available as a standalone service. You can also benefit from the wide range of other services we provide, with a package tailored to your requirements. Contact us to learn more.

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