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Audit & Assurance

Solutions to reduce risk, support management, and solve complex challenges.

Audit & Assurance Overview

Our audit and assurance services will help you build trust with key stakeholders, enhance transparency, and navigate often complex regulatory requirements.

The pace of change in business is faster than ever, so it’s important you have the support of a multi-disciplinary and experienced team to meet your audit and assurance requirements. At Gilroy Gannon, we offer a complete range of auditing and reporting services, including required statutory audits for limited companies under the Irish Companies Act.

We also go beyond compliance with tailored solutions to help you mitigate risks, optimise business functions, and address complex challenges. Whether you own a family-run business or are a large organisation spanning various sectors, you can have confidence in our partner-led, value-added audit and assurance services.

Tailored Audit & Assurance Services

We offer statutory audits to ensure you remain in compliance with regulatory requirements as well as internal audits to support your management team, address challenges, build trust, and enhance transparency.

When you engage us for an audit or assurance assignment, we’ll provide you with insights that will give you greater control, leading to higher efficiencies and improved performance.

Experienced and Diligent Team

The Audit & Assurance services team at Gilroy Gannon takes pride in the standards of service we offer, from mandatory reporting to insights that add value and ensure continued business success. To arrange an initial consultation to discuss your audit and assurance requirements, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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