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Audit & Assurance

Keep your finances right and remain on the right track for the future.

Audit & Assurance Overview

There is much more reliance on risk-focused audits than ever. Ensuring compliance with government regulations, building your investors’ confidence, and giving a perspective helps stakeholders understand and manage the business better. 

Gilroy Gannon audit teams provide a complete range of auditing and reporting services. These services include a required statutory audit for limited companies under the Irish Companies Act. Our members go above and beyond a simple compliance service, though. We recognise at Gilroy Gannon that each company is unique, and we design our audit to focus on the key risks that each company faces. Whether you own a small family-run business or are a large business spanning various sectors, our team aims to ensure our audit clients get a partner-led, value-added service.

Our Audit & Assurance Services

Gilroy Gannon’s audit and assurance team recognise how important it is to meet the regulatory requirements. We aim to ensure your company is fully compliant with statutory audit regulations. Our audit and assurance services are broken into three sectors. 

Our approach to all audit and assurance assignments provides management with insights to assist in greater control, leading to higher efficiencies and improved performance.

Audit & Assurance Team

The Audit & Assurance Services Team take pride in helping our business clients in their mandatory reporting and offering insights that add value which help to ensure continued business success. If you would like an initial consultation to discuss our Audit & Assurance Service, please don’t hesitate to contact any team member.

Gilroy Gannon+

Our Audit and Assurance service is a stand-alone service that we can strategically combine with other financial, business advisory, and consulting services. 

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