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Identify opportunities and find practical solutions with our business advisory services. At Gilroy Gannon, we assist small and family-owned businesses as well as large multinational companies.

Your Success is Our Business

We are here to help your business prosper with our customised business advisory services. We’ll get an understanding of your unique needs to ensure the most successful outcome. Our hands-on approach means working directly with you and your team to provide top-quality, value-added advice and support.

The first step to continued success:

Our expert team has the qualifications and expertise to deliver on your business objectives and goals. Examples of the situations where we can provide value-adding advice include:

Optimising the value of your business with a focus on profitability, expenses, cash, credit, and reporting.

Tax planning and the preparation of costings, budgets, and cash-flow projections with timely reviews as and when required.

Preparing financial reports in line with Revenue reporting requirements. Examples include tax, payroll, and VAT returns.

Helping you choose the financial software packages that will deliver maximum benefit for your company.

Providing resources, advice, and support to executives when meeting once-off legal, compliance, or regulatory tasks.

Working with you to ensure your business is properly funded.

Helping to maximise stakeholder value.

Assisting in the buying and selling of businesses.

Business Advisory+

Our business advisory service is available as a standalone option. We can also combine it with other services to provide your business with more comprehensive support.

Advisory Finance

Advisory finance services will help to optimise the value of your business with a focus on profitability, expenses, cash, credit, and reporting.

Advisory Business

Advisory business services involve assessing your current strategy to ensure alignment with objectives and effective financial planning.

Our Business Advisory Team

Our objective is to deliver added-value advice to your business. You will benefit from the wide array of multi-disciplinary skills available on our team. Contact us today to set up an initial consultation.

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    25 Stephen Street, Sligo, Ireland

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