Insolvency and Corporate Recovery

Corporate Recovery provides a range of services associated with corporate investigations, liquidity problems and insolvency.

Members of our Corporate Recovery team also act as examiners, receivers and managers, liquidators and investigating accountants.

Our main aim in such assignments is to preserve businesses and where necessary, to sell them as going concerns. We have been particularly successful in this area, taking a pride in saving jobs as well as investments.

Investigations are generally carried out for lending institutions such as banks that are concerned about the viability of their customers, or where a detailed review of borrowing requirements is needed. A fast and practical response is essential and our team is geared to producing in-depth analytical reports within a few days.

One service of interest to clients is to provide expert staff to attend meetings convened by customers of our clients or our client's creditors. Wherever these meetings are held, a Gilroy Gannon expert will attend to represent our client's interests and report back on the proceedings.

The key services include:

-  Arranging reconstructions, reorganisations and compromises       
-  Corporate care
-  Corporate reorganisation and capital restructuring
-  Credit control and debt recovery advice
-  Creditor representation
-  Creditors' voluntary liquidations
-  Court liquidations
-  Examinations
-  Receiverships
-  Liquidity investigations
-  Members' voluntary liquidations
-  Monitoring businesses
-  Right-sizing a business
-  Security cover analysis
-  Viability reviews

Through our professional contacts, we have a significant array of multi-disciplinary skills available, from accountants to economists, engineers, marketing advisors, personnel managers, recruitment specialists and IT experts.