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Insolvency &
Corporate Recovery

Advising on corporate investigations, liquidity problems, and insolvency issues

Insolvency & Corporate Recovery Services

Gilroy Gannon’s aim is to ensure you receive expert advice on all aspects of our Insolvency & Corporate Recovery services. Our talent team work with you to deliver value-added advice on all your insolvency & corporate recovery needs.

Make the Right Moves Quickly

Moving quickly to eradicate any problems is vital to ensure your business has the best chance of success. Unfortunately, many companies fail through inaction when there are glaring issues to be addressed. Knowing what your risks are will help you on your way to recovery. There are two ways we can help you in this:

Accelerated Intervention

If your business is losing capital, revenue or credit, it may be time to seek professional help. By taking action quickly and taking all the necessary steps to implement a viable corporate recovery plan you will reduce the threat of insolvency. 

Positive Action

Business protection and preservation is our number one goal at Gilroy Gannon. We aim to help clients and stakeholders see a return on their investment and when helping a company will take positive action to ensure the best possible outcome.

Stop a problem from
turning into a crisis!

Finding resolutions to problems your business is facing before it hits a crisis point is important. If you are dealing with the threat of insolvency, working with Gilroy Gannon will give you objective and expert advice. 

Resolutions can be found within our twin-track approach. Each one is a separate service, tailored to help you during insolvency management and corporate recovery.

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