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Corporate Tax

You can trust us to ensure your business remains compliant and tax-efficient with effective corporate tax planning.

Corporate Tax Service

Whether you are looking to grow your business, you are restructuring, or you need assistance with your corporate tax affairs, we can help at Gilroy Gannon. We have a proven track record of helping companies structure their taxation efficiently. We will align our corporate tax services based on your commercial objectives, and our expert advisors will be on hand to assist with any corporate tax query you have.

With our corporate tax services, the benefits of Ireland’s corporate tax regime will be fully optimised for your business. You can also expect the best possible customer service.

Our expertise includes:

Compliance and Reporting

Our team will ensure your company is compliant with all tax regulations in Ireland at all times while keeping the cost of compliance as low as possible.

Statutory Tax Filing

Every company in Ireland must file a statutory tax return, but the process can be daunting. We’ll provide full assistance to ensure your compliance with the Revenue.

Revenue Audits

Revenue audits can be a challenging time. Our team of experts has extensive experience of the audit process and will provide comprehensive and customised support.

Tax Planning

Our tax planning services cover everything from R&D tax credits to payroll taxes to corporate tax to ensure your position is fully optimised and compliant. 

Succession Planning

When the time comes to transfer wealth to the next generation, our team will provide expert and customised advice on the best tax decisions for you and your family.

International Tax Planning

We have experience advising foreign companies entering the Irish market, Irish companies expanding overseas, and companies looking to identify tax opportunities.

Please note:
The factors outlined above exclude personal tax, VAT and other indirect taxes, and succession planning. However, we do offer these services separately as they are an important part of the overall tax picture at both a personal and business level. Click on the links above to find out more.

Our Core Values at Gilroy Gannon

We know how important having optimised and accurate corporate tax is for your company. In the delivery of our services, we will prioritise the following four key values:

Added Value

We are committed to a value-added philosophy. We continuously look for ways to improve your business opportunities and ensure your tax reporting is completed to the highest standard.


We always have a 100 percent focus when it comes to your corporate tax. Our team will strive to ensure you are compliant and up to date with all legal and regulatory requirements.


We pride ourselves on teamwork, both in-house and externally. The best way to tackle your corporate tax is by working together and utilising our effective processes and professional expertise.


You will get maximum value from our services and support as we’ll ensure you get the best and most up-to-date corporate tax solution with a fully customised approach.

Corporate Tax +
We can look after your corporate tax requirements as a standalone service or we can include additional financial, business advisory, or consultancy services according to your requirements.

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