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Corporate Tax

You can trust us to ensure you are compliant, tax-efficient and effective in your corporate tax planning.

Corporate Tax

Whether you are looking to grow your business, are restructuring, or need assistance with your corporate tax, Gilroy Gannon has a proven track record of helping companies structure their taxation efficiently. You can be assured that we will align our corporate tax structure based on your commercial objectives and have expert advisors on hand to assist you with any corporate taxation query you may have.

Our Corporate tax aims to optimise the benefits of Ireland’s corporate tax regime and give you the best possible service.

This service includes:

Compliance and Reporting

Gilroy Gannon strives to ensure your company is compliant with the tax regulations of Ireland at all times while keeping the compliance as low-cost as possible.

Statutory Tax Filing

Every company in Ireland must file a statutory tax return which can be daunting. Gilroy Gannon can assist you with your tax return filing to help ensure you are compliant with Revenue.

Revenue Audits

Gilroy Gannon has a team of experts ready to assist in any Revenue audit you may have.

Tax Planning

Identifying and correcting any tax exposures early is the key to reducing penalties from a Revenue Audit. In this, we can look at all aspects of corporate tax planning, including your R&D tax credits, payroll taxes, and aim to ensure you are compliant with your RCT. 

Succession Planning

When the time comes to transfer wealth to the next generation, Gilroy Gannon will advise the best tax decisions for you and your family.

International Tax Planning

Our team at Gilroy Gannon can advise foreign companies entering the Irish market, Irish companies looking to expand overseas, or companies looking to review and identify any tax opportunities.

Please note the factors above exclude Personal Tax, VAT / Indirect Taxes and Succession Planning.
These can be viewed separately elsewhere on this website, using the links below and are an important part of the overall tax picture at both a personal and business level.

Our Core Values at Gilroy Gannon

We know how important having your corporate tax correct is for your company, and with each service, we hold these four key values close to us.

Added Value

We have perfected the art of tax reporting to a high standard over the past 50 years. We believe in committing to a value-added philosophy. This means we are always looking for ways to improve your business opportunities and ensure that your tax reporting is completed to a high standard.


We always have 100% focus when it comes to your corporate tax. We strive to ensure you are always compliant and up-to-date with all legal and regulatory requirements. 


We pride ourselves on our teamwork at Gilroy Gannon, both in-house and externally. Working with as many different businesses throughout our 50 years, we know that working together to tackle your corporate tax is best. We use only the most effective processes and combine that with our professional expertise to bring you a service we are proud of.


At Gilroy Gannon, we look for the best solutions for your corporate tax needs. We ensure you are getting the best, most up-to-date solutions,  aiming to ensure that your business is compliant with Revenue when it comes to tax filings. Our solution-based method means you will get the most out of our services to you.

Gilroy Gannon offers Corporate Tax Advice as a stand-alone service
It is also strategically combined with other Legal, Tax, Consulting, Financial and Business Advisory services which we are happy to discuss at your convenience.

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