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VAT and Indirect Taxes

Ensuring your business is compliant with VAT & Indirect taxes.

VAT & Indirect Taxes

To stabilise a tax base, Ireland places a strong emphasis on VAT and other indirect taxes. These taxes are what must be paid and have no connection to profit. The standard rate of VAT within Ireland is 23%. There are also reduced rates of 13.5%, 9%, and 0%. Striving to ensure your VAT and indirect taxes are paid correctly and comply with legal and regulatory requirements is our number one priority for you and your business.

Avoiding Risk

It can be costly if there are errors made during the calculation and payment of Vat & Indirect Tax. We aim to ensure that you have expert leads that will help you. Our VAT & Indirect Tax service ranges from consultancy to specific VAT assignments. Some of these are listed below:

Efficient Structuring

Compliance & Revenue Audit Advice

Acquisitions/ Disposal of Shares

Legal Contracts

VAT on Property Transactions

VAT on Land Transactions

Importation of Goods

Outsourcing & Training

Monitor & Review

VAT Health-Check

VAT & In-Direct Tax+
Gilroy Gannon offers VAT & In-Direct Tax services and consultancy as a stand-alone service. It is also strategically combined with other Legal, Tax, Consulting, Financial and Business Advisory services all of which we are happy to discuss at your convenience.

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