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Supporting your internal team to ensure that all temporary contracts are in order during staff shortages

Secondment Services

Here at Gilroy Gannon, we work with you to find professionals with appropriate accounting and finance skills to work with clients on temporary contracts, during critical periods or to cover for staff shortages.

While Secondments is a non-core function, it is important to have professionals with the specific qualifications needed where completed tasks need to comply with legal and regulatory requirements and follow best practices, for example, professional financial services.

Top 6 Secondment Reasons

01.  On a cost / benefit analysis, secondment of professional financial services makes financial sense, particularly to cover short gaps or temporary vacancies within an organisation.

02. In-house staff may have competing priorities which could cause mandatory financial reporting to be rushed or delayed, leading to penalties and a risk to audit exemption.

03. Clients review profit and profitability and look for greater efficiencies and more staff focus on improved business performance

04. Allows staff play to their greatest strengths as measured by their time invested in work that delivers the greatest business value.

05. Clients like to build partnerships with professional teams and look for their input to their business beyond the specific seconded task.

06. In-house staff learn new skills while working with Gilroy Gannon Team as they bring broad business and financial experience.

Secondment +

Our secondment service is a stand-alone service that we can strategically combine with other financial, business advisory, and consulting services. 

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