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Payroll Services

You can trust us with the payroll requirements of your business.

Why Outsource Payroll

Non-Core Function

Should you use our payroll services or keep the function in-house? This is a question that is relevant to many Irish businesses.

Payroll in almost all businesses can be regarded as a non-core function. Non-core functions in your business must be completed and should always follow best practices. The aim with non-core functions is to reach a suitable quality standard with minimal resources. It’s also important that non-core functions like payroll comply with legal and regulatory requirements while facilitating the smooth operation of your business.

Payroll is a non-core function that, while imperative for your company, is time-consuming and often costly when managed in-house. Managing in-house also means you will have the headache of ensuring the task is sufficiently resourced throughout the year. All this makes payroll the perfect candidate for outsourcing to a specialist provider like Gilroy Gannon.

Our payroll services eliminate this non-core function from in-house processing while ensuring it is still completed promptly and accurately.

Our Payroll Services Expertise

When you use our payroll services, we’ll work with you to ensure all aspects of the process meet the specific requirements of your business. This includes liaising with the Revenue and maintaining ongoing compliance.

Our payroll services are fully customisable and flexible, so they can be adapted to the requirements of your business. This includes evolving the delivery of our payroll services as the needs of your company change.

You can also expect an exceptional standard of service from our experienced payroll team, with an unwavering commitment to accuracy and the timely delivery of services.

Payroll Services+

We can look after payroll in your business as a standalone service or we can combine payroll with other services that we offer to create a package tailored to your requirements. Contact us to arrange a consultation.

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