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Mergers & Acquisitions

Expand your business successfully by making the right decisions at the right times.

Mergers & Acquisitions: Our Services

With our expert advice and practical mergers and acquisitions support, you will get the best deal. We can help with business acquisitions through our buy-side advisory services and disposals with our sell-side advisory services. We also have extensive expertise in management buyouts, management buy-ins, joint venture strategies, leveraged buyouts, subsidiary spin-offs, and more.

If you plan correctly, your merger or acquisition will increase profitability faster than an organic growth plan. At Gilroy Gannon, we can help you identify opportunities that meet your business objectives so you can expand your business on an accelerated timescale and in line with your planning.

Customised M&A Support

Moving quickly with the right decision-making information and advice is essential during a merger or acquisition. We understand the challenges that can arise and the levels of complexity that can be involved. You can have confidence in the quality and responsiveness of our support every step of the way.

Our M&A services include:

Develop and execute a merger or acquisition plan

Identify any opportunities within the market that fit your criteria 

Explore return on investment predictions along with funding options

Forecast any and all obstacles you may face

Provide integration advice and support during completion

Work with legal advisors to compare transactions

Tax due diligence and structuring

To discuss your business and its merger or acquisition plans, please get in contact with a member of the Gilroy Gannon team to arrange a no-obligation consultation.

Merger and Acquisitions +

We often provide mergers and acquisitions services as a standalone service, but we can also include this work as part of a wider package of accounting, financial, taxation, and business advisory support.

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