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Management Buy-Outs & Restructuring

Expert advice and support when you are considering a management buyout or restructuring of the business.

Management Buyout Support

If you have management looking to buy-out your business, we can help at Gilroy Gannon with a comprehensive range of support services. We have experience working across all aspects of the management buyout process, from founders or majority stakeholders initiating the buyout to management teams looking for the opportunity.

Our expertise includes helping you understand the alignment of the management team with each other and the direction of the business. We can also provide due diligence and business valuation services, as well as helping to identify and pursue the best financing strategy. Our support can also make the exchange and completion processes run smoother, and we can provide ongoing services after the buyout is complete. Get in touch today to discuss your requirements.

Business Restructuring

Restructuring your business can help you navigate risks, deal with complex problems, create added value, and put you in a position to take advantage of opportunities. Whatever your objectives for restructuring, we can help at Gilroy Gannon.

You will benefit from our broad restructuring expertise, including refinancing, protecting value in your business, repositioning the business in the market, supporting management, and ensuring ongoing liquidity. We can help with all parts of the process too, including financial, strategic, and operational restructuring. Contact us today to arrange an initial in-confidence consultation.

Services Tailored to Your Requirements

Every management buyout or business restructuring process is unique, so we’ll tailor our services according to your requirements. Those services include:

✔ Reviewing the existing capital structure and your plans for changing it.

✔ Assessing your requirements using our financial modelling capabilities.

✔ Developing a management buyout or restructuring plan.

✔ Ensuring your plan supports future growth and development.

✔ Managing practical aspects of the process to ensure a smooth transition.

Management Buyout & Restructuring +

Management buyouts and business restructuring processes are focused projects, so our support can be in the form of a standalone service. We can also provide you with a range of other financial, consulting, and accounting services based on your requirements.

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