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Business Valuations & Due Diligence

Providing you with accurate and comprehensive information so you can make decisions with confidence.

Business Valuations

There are many reasons for getting an accurate valuation for your business. Our approach is to get a full understanding of your company and how it creates value. We also look at its strategic position and wider market conditions with the aim of ensuring you get a fair and balanced valuation for your company.

Our business valuation services include providing you with the most up-to-date information and data so you can make informed decisions. Our expertise includes:

  • Understanding the market value of your business so you can set a sale price.
  • Getting an accurate valuation of your business when negotiating finance.
  • Understanding your current position so you can track the value of your business over time.
  • Optimising tax or estate planning.
  • Identifying parts of the business that are underperforming or not reaching their full market value.
  • Helping with succession planning.
  • Getting an accurate value of the business as part of a restructuring project or management buyout.

We combine our expertise, experience, and commercial insights to give you a value-added service that will help you plan and maximise your worth. To arrange a free consultation to discuss our approach to valuing your business, please get in touch with us today.

Due Diligence

We can also provide expert due diligence services if you are on the buying side and have a target company in mind.

We’ll assess all parts of the business to provide you with detailed insights on everything from its financial position to the business relationships it relies on to investment opportunities. This work and reporting will give you a more complete understanding of the risks and opportunities, enabling you to make informed decisions.

Get in touch with us today to discuss your due diligence requirements.

What We Can Do For You

Here’s what you can expect when you engage Gilroy Gannon for business valuations or due diligence services:

✔ We’ll take a comprehensive approach to your business operations and performance.

✔ We’ll work with you to create a valuation plan for your business.

✔ Our expert team will benchmark your business against industry peers to determine the correct valuation measures.

✔ We’ll identify opportunities within your industry.

✔ You’ll get expert analysis of your profitability, both historical and based on future trends.

We provide business valuations and due diligence services to companies of all sizes, and we have experience across a wide range of industries and sectors.

Business Valuations & Due Diligence +

Both business valuations and due diligence are available as standalone services. However, we can also combine them with other corporate finance, accounting, or business advisory services to ensure you get the tailored support your business needs.

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