3 Crucial Things to Remember When Choosing an Accountant

There are a number of things you will consider when selecting an accountant for your business. You might, for example, want to work with a large practice rather than a small one, or you might prefer a local Irish company rather than a multinational corporation. You also have to consider fees, expertise, and, possibly, recommendations […]

Top 5 Reasons for Having an Accountant

Most people who run a business or who are self-employed will benefit from having an accountant. If you don’t use an accountant to help with your finances, tax obligations, and business in general, however, here are the top five reasons why you should. 1. Ensure You Pay the Right Amount of Tax Tax law is […]

When Should You Get an Accountant?

When is the best time to hand all or some of your accounts and/or finances to an accountant? This is a question that everyone in business will ask at some stage, even if you are still in the concept and development phase of a new business. For us, it is a question we approach from […]