Companies Act 2014 Briefing

Gilroy Gannon in conjunction with Sligo Chamber and the IT Sligo Innovation Centre held a very successful breakfast briefing on the New Companies Act 2014.

Business Startup Challenges and How to Solve Them

Having an idea for a new business is an exciting time. This is often the moment that entrepreneurs and business owners are at their most passionate as they strive to make their dreams and vision a reality. Once you get into the nitty gritty of actually running a new business, though, you are faced by […]

Choosing The Right Accounting Software For Your Business

Choosing the right accounting software is important for all businesses, but there are two main problems. Firstly, you are an expert in your field of business, not on accounting practices and software. Secondly, you are faced with a huge number of options from software names that you know, and those that you have never heard […]

Eight Productivity Tips For Small Businesses In Ireland

When you are running a small business, productivity is crucial. You need to make the most out of the little time that you have to ensure you take care of the important things. But how do you deal with the distractions and prioritise effectively. Here are eight productivity tips for small business owners that will […]

Tips to Save Tax

Paying tax is an important part of being a valuable member of society – both as an individual and as a business. But it is also important that you don’t pay too much tax

The Sharing Economy

Experts believe that a concept built around people and businesses sharing things will soon be worth billions of Euros a year. It is called the sharing economy and it is rapidly gaining a footing all over the world. But what is the sharing economy, and what impact is it having in Ireland? More importantly what […]

Registering For VAT – When You Should And What You Should Know

The questions of when to register for VAT, why you should register, and what it entails are asked by most business people at some point. Some of the questions are straight forward to answer. For example, you must register for VAT once your business reaches a certain turnover. But the reality is more nuanced. The […]

How will private pension reforms affect your business?

Many people, including many politicians, are calling the pension situation in Ireland a “time bomb”. That is somewhat emotive language, but it does highlight a real problem that most economists predict. The problem is there will soon not be enough money available to maintain a decent standard of living for people in retirement. One of […]