6 Common Tax Mistakes

Filing tax returns, doing accounts, paying tax, and dealing with the Revenue, are things that few people would put on a list of their favourite things to do. They are all important though. More specifically doing it correctly is important as getting it wrong can be costly. You can end up paying too much tax, […]

How To Increase Prices Without Losing Customers

Increasing prices is a part of business. It is essential in a number of situations, including to cover rising costs or to help your business grow in the future. Increasing prices is rarely an easy thing to do though. This leads to delays as business owners fear they will lose customers as a result of […]

8 Invoicing Design Tips

Invoicing is an essential process for many businesses. Of course you won’t get paid if you don’t do it, but the way that you do it also affects how you get paid. For example, to get paid quicker it is recommended that you invoice promptly, and follow up regularly. What about the design of your […]

7 Mistakes To Avoid In The Early Days Of A New Business

We have been looking over the past couple of weeks at the common mistakes that people make when starting a new business. In the last article we looked at mistakes made in the planning stage. This week we look at mistakes that are made once the business is launched. Here are seven mistakes to avoid […]

8 Mistakes To Avoid When Planning To Start A New Business

Over the next couple of weeks we are going to look at common mistakes that people make when starting a new business. In this article we explore mistakes that are made in the planning stages. In the next article we will look at mistakes often made in the early days of a new business. These […]

Using Social Media As A Marketing Tool In Your Business

Have you yet to jump on board with social media in your business? Have you dabbled in it but have not really got anywhere? Maybe you have had some success, but don’t know how to take that to the next stage. Here is our guide to using social media as an effective marketing tool in […]

10 Ways To Save Money On Business Mobile Phone Bills

Mobile phones are now a part of everyday life. For a business they help your team stay connected to each other and to your customers. They are also a cost to your business, though. How do you keep those costs as low as possible while still getting the communication benefits that mobile phones offer? Here […]

5 Tips To Prioritise Your To Do List

It is easy to complain about to do lists. They never seem to get completed which can lead to frustration. They can also make you feel like you are not getting anywhere or that you’re not achieving fast enough. This is the wrong way to look at to do lists, though.   If you manage […]

Make Your Business More Successful With These 5 Skills

Not everyone can be successful in business. If that was true, everyone would do it. Instead success comes to those who work hard and constantly seek to improve. What are the skills that you should work on that will make you more successful? That is a list that would differ depending on your industry, but […]

How Safe Is Your Data?

Reading this week about another case of ransomware bringing a hospital to its knees got me thinking about writing a quick piece on the long established but still logical golden rule of backup, the 3-2-1 rule..