Marketing on a Tight Budget

Marketing on a Tight BudgetIf you want more customers to learn about your brand and the products or services that you offer, you must promote your business. Marketing is difficult when you have a tight budget, however, here are seven marketing tips that are either very cheap or that cost nothing except your time.

Network More

Get out there in the local business community by attending events, seminars, breakfast mornings, and more. There will be a fee for some of these events but not for all of them. They are places where you can meet new contacts that could, potentially, lead to increased sales or exposure for your business.

Social Network Ads

Social network ads are attractive for a number of reasons:

• You can target a specific audience
• You can get a lot of exposure for a small spend
• You completely control how much you spend

For example, a five euro spend could get your ad or social media post in front of hundreds of people – thousands if it is something that is really engaging.

One thing you could try is running a competition on Facebook and promote that competition with Facebook ads.

Start Email Marketing

Until you have several thousand people on your email list, you can do email marketing for free. It is an effective way of engaging people with your business and generating sales. Of course, you will have to spend time learning how to create emails that people want to engage with, but this will yield results.

The challenge when starting out with email marketing, however, is getting people on your list. If you already collect email addresses you will have a head start. If not, you will need to come up with strategies for doing that.

Make Sure You’re Listed on Google My Business

Getting listed on Google My Business is completely free and it can increase the exposure of your website in Google search results. One of the main reasons for this is that Google shows My Business listings at the top of its search results pages, i.e. before it shows the actual results. You should be there.

Create a Customer Referral Scheme

You can also consider leveraging your own customers by creating a customer referral scheme. It won’t work in all businesses but if you can come up with an offer that is compelling enough, you will reach new people through the most powerful marketing tool any business has – real customers doing the promotion for you.

Create a Loyalty Scheme

This is another one that won’t suit all businesses, and they can sometimes be expensive to implement. If you your business is suitable, however, you might be able to set up a loyalty scheme quite simply. It is effective because existing customers already know who you are and what you have to offer – a loyalty scheme keeps them coming back.

Set Up a Partnership

Another effective marketing tool is to join forces with a business that complements your products or services. The partnership would involve cross-promoting each other’s products or offers. In other words, you give the business access to your customers and in return you get access to theirs.

Marketing on a budget involves thinking outside the box as well as utilising technology as much as possible. It can be done.

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