Make Your Business More Successful With These 5 Skills

Not everyone can be successful in business. If that was true, everyone would do it. Instead success comes to those who work hard and constantly seek to improve. What are the skills that you should work on that will make you more successful? That is a list that would differ depending on your industry, but there are some skills that every successful business leader needs. They are the sorts of skills that can always be improved, even when you are good at them.


  1. Thinking For Yourself


Businesses from Ryanair to Facebook to Lidl have proven that thinking outside the box and/or critically thinking about issues leads to success. They didn’t accept the status quo simply because it was the status quo. Instead they challenged it and offered something different.


This is an important skill for entrepreneurs looking for the next big idea and for business owners looking to grow and develop their business in new markets. You can also apply the principle to everyday situations, though. For example, do you surround yourself with people who challenge your thinking and ask questions, or does everyone close to you agree with everything that you say. The best way to good decision making is the first option, where critical thinking is embraced.


  1. Focussing On What’s Important


Distractions have always been a problem in business but in today’s interconnected, technology driven world it is even more of a problem. How often do you check your phone each hour? Do you leave your emails open on your computer and do you check them as soon as a new one arrives? Do you check Twitter or the RTE news app multiple times during the working day?


To be productive you have to focus on what’s important. It takes discipline and effort, but you will get further faster if you do.


  1. Following Through


Businesses are not built by thinking about building them – they are built by actions. It is more than that though, as it is not enough to simply start. All too often people start projects – new businesses, new products, new initiatives, etc – with gusto and enthusiasm. Before long that enthusiasm starts to wane and interest is lost. Those who are successful in business are the people who maintain their enthusiasm, keep their interest, and follow through.


  1. Authenticity


The way that people interact with brands is changing. The drivers of this change include things like advances in technology, and improved levels of education. The result is that people no longer want brands to talk at them. Instead they want authenticity, and for businesses to communicate with them on a human level.


  1. Being A Winner


The best examples of being a winner are in sports. True winners are the individuals and teams who doggedly fight back when behind, somehow finding a way to win. They are the types of people who start visualising how to win the next trophy the moment the current one is put in their hands, and they are the types of people who are not happy with winning by 20 points whenever they could have won by 50. To be successful in business you need to adopt a similar mentality.


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