Four Customer Delivery Marketing Opportunities

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The practice of purchasing products remotely and having them delivered has been around for decades, but it has exploded in recent years because of the internet. This has presented great opportunities for many Irish businesses, not least because it is possible to expand your customer base to almost any geographical area you choose. Too many small businesses in Ireland, however, overlook the fantastic opportunities that customer deliveries offer.

When used right, customer deliveries can close sales, improve customer loyalty, and generate add-on sales. Here are four customer delivery marketing ideas:

Opportunity 1 – Make Delivery Free

Delivery charges are a reasonable add-on for an additional service, but the reality is they are often a barrier to a sale. Many people simply don’t like paying these charges. This is probably fuelled by many of the larger websites on the internet offering so many free delivery options, but it is a fact – delivery charges are never welcomed.

You should therefore look at making delivery free. There are lots of ways you can do this, including taking the cost out of your profit margin, or increasing the price of your products. Another way is to look at the fees you are charged by courier and postal services. Could you get a better deal?

Also, why not try to offer free delivery as an additional option. For example, your standard delivery might be 1-2 days – this option could still incur a charge. Can you offer another option of 3-5 days that is free? Again, it is worthwhile negotiating this with your delivery supplier. If you can make it work it removes the delivery charge barrier to sales, plus you might find customers are happier to pay the charge for quicker delivery.

Opportunity 2 – Offer Same Day Delivery

Same day delivery is the next big thing in online shopping. Most of the big websites are doing it, although it is not available for all products in all areas. In larger cities, however, it is very common, and it is being expanded. To stay ahead of this curve you should explore the possibility of doing the same.

You will need a good courier company as well as efficient internal procedures. You will also need strict terms, including latest order times and geographical area restrictions. If you can make it work, however, you will mark your business out from the competition.

Opportunity 3 – The Packaging

The packaging you use for deliveries should contain a marketing message. You can’t put too much, obviously, but some things you can put on the outside of your packaging include:

  • Your logo
  • A strapline
  • Your website address
  • Your Facebook address

Opportunity 4 – Inserts

If you just put products in the packages you send to customers, you are missing a huge opportunity. Right at that moment of opening a package, your customer is intimately involved with your brand, so you should take advantage of that concentration.

One of the best ways to do this is to include inserts with the package. Examples include:

  • A voucher with a discount off their next order
  • A sample of another product
  • Personalised letters or cards where you thank the customer, and ask them to connect on social media
  • Entry to a competition

The cost involved in any of these initiatives is usually small, but the rewards can be significant.

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