Forensic Accounting

Our Forensic accounting team provide a comprehensive and cost effective service to both claimants and defendants in a wide range of disputes that may be subject to the legal process. We utilise our accounting, auditing and investigative skills to analyse and interpret the financial evidence gathered before advising our clients . We also act as Expert Witnesses in Court , where required.

Our assignments include:

Personal Injury and Loss of Earnings Claims

On behalf of both claimant and defendant, we will interrogate, analyse and summarise the data and prepare a comprehensive report to assist negotiation and adjudication by the Courts. The reporting of the facts and presentation of calculations in a clear and concise report structure is critical to assist an understanding of the findings by all parties.

Forensic Accounting


We have acted on numerous cases involving fraud perpetrated by customers, suppliers and employees on behalf of clients and referrals from industry contacts. This is a particularly difficult area of forensic accounting and involves detailed review of evidence both written and electronic to unearth the extent and source of the fraud perpetrated.


Family Disputes and Settlements

Where disputes arise which cannot be settled amicably, a fair division of income and assets is required amongst the various parties.  To assist assessment and valuation of assets and income streams, we are tasked with

- Discovery of documents (Assets and Income)

- Business Valuations ( Personal & Corporate)

- Assessment of Taxation Implications

- Adequacy of ongoing maintenance provisions

If agreeable we act as independent financial experts for both parties in order to reduce costs and allow the respective legal advisors negotiate directly.

Commercial Disputes

Increasingly given the changing economic climate, we have been requested to assist with commercial disputes.  These disputes relate to contractual issues for services provided, assets acquired and breakdown in trading relationships. Our role is to assist a fair settlement for both parties to avoid the necessity of court proceedings.

Business Interruption

We are frequently involved in the calculation of business interruption and economic loss calculations for clients who have suffered disruption to their business as a result of an unforeseen event.  Our purpose is to prepare a calculation of the loss suffered for presentation to the insured party with the ultimate objective of obtaining a speedy resolution and financial settlement.

If you require any of the above services or require further information please contact  our forensic team led by Michael Keane, email  Telephone +353 (071) 9161747.