Four Week Extension for Income Tax and CAT Deadlines

In recognition of the challenges being experienced by businesses and tax practitioners arising from the COVID-19 crisis, Revenue have announced a four week further extension to the Pay & File deadline for self-assessment income tax customers and for customers liable to Capital Acquisitions Tax (CAT).

Payroll and Remote Employees – What You Need to Know

Having remote workers offers a range of benefits to your business. This includes helping you expand into new locations or find lower cost ways of running the business. There are challenges to overcome too, however, including dealing with payroll when the employee is outside Ireland. This is because employees outside Ireland are likely to be […]

Budget Highlights 2017

We are delighted to offer you the Budget Highlights from Budget 2017. Please view our summary [PDF] which provides you with a synopsis of the budget.  Please click to enlarge each image. Please contact us for further information or should you have any queries on yesterday’s Budget.    

An Overview On Rental Income and Tax

  If you own properties and rent them out, you have tax responsibilities. Your rental income is regarded by the tax authorities as a business, even if it is a small amount. This means you have to complete a self-assessment tax return, calculate any tax you owe, and pay that tax. It can be a […]

6 Common Tax Mistakes

Filing tax returns, doing accounts, paying tax, and dealing with the Revenue, are things that few people would put on a list of their favourite things to do. They are all important though. More specifically doing it correctly is important as getting it wrong can be costly. You can end up paying too much tax, […]

How To Be Efficient With VAT

Dealing with VAT is one of the biggest accounting challenges that businesses face. The law surrounding it is complex, and the sums of money that are involved can be significant. It is therefore easy to get into difficulty with VAT because of administration errors or problems with cash flow. This can be costly to your […]

Budget 2016 Gilroy Gannon Summary

Yesterday Michael Noonan announced Budget 2016, which included €1.5bn of taxation and spending measures, the aim of which was to sustain recovery and growth in the domestic economy. Download our free summary document below of key changes announced. I hope you find our attached analysis helpful however should you have any queries please do not […]

Claiming Home Office Expenses – What You Need To Know

Do you work from home? This is now common for many Irish people, particularly business owners. If you do you might be able to save money by claiming some of the costs of using your home office as a business expense. Here are the main points that you should remember. Claiming For Part Of Your […]

What To Look For In A Tax Accountant

For most people the question of tax is high on the list of considerations when they are looking for an accountant for their business. Other things are important too, such as the quality of the business planning advice you might receive, or the ability of the accountant to prepare reports that you can use to […]

Should You Register As A Limited Company Or Sole Trader?

When deciding on whether you should set up as a sole trader or a limited company there are three broad topics you should consider – tax, liability and reputation, and cost. Looking at these three things will help you make the right choice. Getting it wrong can be costly to your business. This includes easily […]