Phishing: What Is It and How Do You Protect Your Business?

Phishing is a cyber-crime where criminals try to steal from or defraud your business. It is also a crime that is on the increase, and all businesses are at risk. This includes small businesses, wherever you are in Ireland as phishing scams are a real and present threat. What Are Phishing Scams? Phishing is a […]

Tips for Creating a Business Disaster Plan

Your business faces risks that could affect your profitability and damage your reputation. Some risks can even put the survival of your business in jeopardy. This was discussed in last week’s blog. The solution, however, is to put in place a business disaster plan. Below are some tips to help you do this. Creating a […]

BYOD – What Is It, And What Business Owners Should Know

BYOD is a business practice you might already use, without even knowing it. It stands for Bring Your Own Device. In other words, allowing your employees to use their own tech devices instead of supplying company-owned equipment. It applies mostly to mobile phones. The concept of BYOD is yet another example of how technology has […]

CRM Software – Why You Need It and How to Make It Work

CRM software can bring significant benefits to your business. Its core objective is helping you increase sales. It does this in a number of ways including better identification of sales opportunities, reduced levels of sales team administration, and improved sales management. If you have any experience of this type of software, particularly in an SME, […]

Why You Should Consider Cloud Accounting Tools.

The accountancy tool used in your business should make managing your accounts more accurate and efficient. The less time you have to spend on accounts, the more time you can devote to improving and growing your business. Cloud based accounting solutions offer the possibility of being able to work faster and in a more flexible […]

5 Ways To Cut IT Costs In Your Business

IT is now a crucial to most businesses. It impacts on almost everything that we do, from communicating to sales presentations to stock control to transaction processing. IT is used because it brings significant benefits to businesses, but it is also a business cost. In many businesses, it is a cost that is increasing. Here […]

Using Social Media As A Marketing Tool In Your Business

Have you yet to jump on board with social media in your business? Have you dabbled in it but have not really got anywhere? Maybe you have had some success, but don’t know how to take that to the next stage. Here is our guide to using social media as an effective marketing tool in […]

How Safe Is Your Data?

Reading this week about another case of ransomware bringing a hospital to its knees got me thinking about writing a quick piece on the long established but still logical golden rule of backup, the 3-2-1 rule..

5 Tips To Get More Sales On Your Website

Ecommerce is an area that is becoming increasingly important for Irish businesses. Some businesses trade completely online, others are growing their online offering, while there are some that haven’t yet taken the plunge..