How To Get The Most From Your Accountant

Your accountant can help with many essential tasks in your business, like handling your tax returns or doing your annual accounts. An accountant can be much more than this though – they can be a real asset to your business and can help you move your business forward. Here are some tips on how to […]

Surviving a Business Disaster or Disruption

Unplanned events happen in business all the time: a staff member can phone in sick, a computer can break, a customer order can get lost, a project can overrun. As a business leader you have to be adept at dealing with this ebb and flow. What about when a major problem occurs, though? How would […]

The Sharing Economy

Experts believe that a concept built around people and businesses sharing things will soon be worth billions of Euros a year. It is called the sharing economy and it is rapidly gaining a footing all over the world. But what is the sharing economy, and what impact is it having in Ireland? More importantly what […]

How to Charge More, And Still Get Business

One of the best ways to ensure your business remains profitable is to keep your prices high. But how can you compete when you face competitors who are cheaper than you?