Improving and Maintaining Your Business Credit Score

Do you know your business credit score? When was the last time you checked your business credit report? Is your credit score low and you want to improve it? Your business credit score can have an impact on your business in a number of different ways so it is important to understand how credit scores […]

8 Invoicing Design Tips

Invoicing is an essential process for many businesses. Of course you won’t get paid if you don’t do it, but the way that you do it also affects how you get paid. For example, to get paid quicker it is recommended that you invoice promptly, and follow up regularly. What about the design of your […]

Why You Should Forecast Cash Flow, And How To Do It

Everyone in business knows that cash is king, so a cash flow forecast is an important tool. It is all about predicting the future. This cannot be done with complete accuracy of course, but that does not mean that you should ignore the need for a cash flow forecast. By taking a bit of care […]

10 Ways To Grow Your Business – Part 2

Last week we published the first five tips for growing your business in a significant way. In this article we will look at five more tips to round out our top 10, but first a recap on last week.   Last Week’s Ways To Grow Your Business – In Brief   Open In Another Location […]

How To Be Efficient With VAT

Dealing with VAT is one of the biggest accounting challenges that businesses face. The law surrounding it is complex, and the sums of money that are involved can be significant. It is therefore easy to get into difficulty with VAT because of administration errors or problems with cash flow. This can be costly to your […]

Cash Flow Mistakes To Avoid

Running a successful business is as much about not making mistakes as it is about doing the right things. This applies to cash flow as much as anything else. Cash flow is crucial to the smooth running of your business and, in some situations, its ultimate viability. Here are 10 cash flow mistakes that you […]

Budget 2016 Gilroy Gannon Summary

Yesterday Michael Noonan announced Budget 2016, which included €1.5bn of taxation and spending measures, the aim of which was to sustain recovery and growth in the domestic economy. Download our free summary document below of key changes announced. I hope you find our attached analysis helpful however should you have any queries please do not […]

Why You Should Hire An Accountant For Your New Business Startup

As a new business you will probably need to hire an accountant when it is time to prepare your first set of annual accounts and make your first tax return. Hiring an accountant before that would be unthinkable for many startups – accountants, after all, cost money. But there are significant benefits to hiring an […]