5 Tips To Get More Sales On Your Website

Ecommerce is an area that is becoming increasingly important for Irish businesses. Some businesses trade completely online, others are growing their online offering, while there are some that haven’t yet taken the plunge. It is a huge topic but it has two main stages:


  1. Getting traffic to visit your website
  2. Converting that traffic into sales


This article is concerned with the latter, i.e. how do you get the people that are visiting your website to actually click on the Buy button and enter their card details? This is as important as any other part of your business, including your product selection, branding, price point, and customer service policies. It is also as important as the effort made to get the visitors to the site in the first place. After all, there is no point doing everything else – building a great site, selecting the right products and pricing them well, building a delivery and customer service infrastructure, and then investing in an online marketing strategy to get people to visit the website – if the visitor doesn’t actually process the transaction.


If you don’t take steps to encourage people to complete a purchase on your website you are simply warming them up for one of your competitors to take the sale.


Here are some tips to help you get those sales:


  1. Be Trustworthy


Online security is a big thing – a really big thing. As a result people are becoming more cautious about where they make online purchases. In many cases they don’t even know why they don’t trust the website, but usually they are right.


This is a bit like the old legal maxim that justice has to be done, and has to be seen to be done. Your website has to be trustworthy, and is has to be seen to be trustworthy. This means things like using a reputable and well-known payment processor, using SSL encryption technology (your web developer will be able to explain what this is), and having robust data protection procedures.


  1. Have A USP


The internet is a noisy place so you need to make your business stand out from the crowd. This could be offering a lower price point, different products, different bundles, better delivery, more options, or more personal customer service, than your competitors. Whatever it is, you have to find your online USP.


  1. Be Mobile Friendly


Mobile web browsing and mobile ecommerce is here, and all the indications are that it is here to stay. This means your website should look good on mobile devices, of course, but it means more than that – it should be as easy for a customer to complete a purchase on their mobile as it is on a computer.


  1. Make Sure Everything Works


Technical problems on an ecommerce website, regardless of how small, can be fatal. The most obvious, and in some respects the worst type of fault, is one that prevents the customer from completing the transaction. All technical issues should be fixed as soon as possible though, to give your customers confidence and to ensure there are no barriers on their buying journey.


  1. Keep It Simple


Simplicity is also crucial. Your website should be as clutter free as possible, and remember that white space is okay! All your products should be easy to find, as should details about your delivery options and other frequently asked questions. In addition the process of completing a transaction should be fast and intuitive.


When you implement an ecommerce strategy correctly it can increase the revenue for your business and/or give you an additional revenue stream. For more help or advice in getting the most out of your business by maximising your revenue, contact a member of the Gilroy Gannon team today.

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