Productivity Tips for Parents Running Home Businesses

Running a business from home can be an incredibly rewarding experience. This applies whether you are running a lifestyle business or starting a new business that you want to expand. When you are a parent, however, running a business from home presents particular challenges. An example of these challenges is being able to quickly switch […]

Payroll and Remote Employees – What You Need to Know

Having remote workers offers a range of benefits to your business. This includes helping you expand into new locations or find lower cost ways of running the business. There are challenges to overcome too, however, including dealing with payroll when the employee is outside Ireland. This is because employees outside Ireland are likely to be […]

Online Marketing for Small Businesses

You can grow your small business using the right online marketing strategy. This applies to businesses in all industries, regardless of size. The challenge is ensuring you invest in the right strategies, i.e. strategies that deliver real, tangible results. Decide What You Want to Achieve The starting point for making online marketing work in your […]

Growing Your Business with Minimal Investment

You have probably heard many times that you need to invest in your business if you want it to grow. What options do you have, however, if you don’t have much to invest? Can you still grow your business? The answer is yes, by working smarter and running your business in a more efficient way. […]

Recognising Communication Barriers in the Workplace

Good communication is essential in all businesses, whether the communication is with colleagues, subordinates, managers, clients, suppliers, regulators, and more. Communication is not always easy, however, leading to communication barriers developing in the workplace. This is despite the fact that communication is now technically very easy. For example, you can send a contract or any […]

Benefits of Being a Sole Trader

You have several company structure options available to you when starting a business. This includes running the business as a sole trader. What are the benefits of being a sole trader, though? Easiest and Quickest to Set Up Setting up as a sole trader is quick and easy to do, particularly when you compare the […]

9 Benefits on Online Invoicing

If you haven’t moved to online invoicing in your business, it is something you should consider. There is a wide range of software to choose from, plus setting up online invoicing is a straightforward process in most situations. In addition, online invoicing can bring considerable benefits to your business. Below are the top nine benefits. […]

12 Accounting Tips for Freelancers

Being a freelancer can be a very rewarding career. You are in control, plus you get to do what you enjoy doing and what you do best. You can’t just do this, though, as being a freelancer means you essentially run a business. In most cases, that will be a business as a sole trader. […]

Step-by-Step Guide to Getting an Overdue Invoice Paid

Chasing unpaid and overdue invoices is a task that not many people like to do. Dealing with the problem promptly and in a structured way can make the process easier, however, as well as getting the invoice paid as quickly as possible. The step-by-step guide below is just that – a guide. In other words, […]

Protecting Your Business from Fraud

There is a misconception that fraud is something that only happens to large businesses. This is not the case. In fact, fraud is a growing risk for businesses of all sizes. There are some simple steps you can take, however, to protect your business from fraud. Make Sure Your Employees Understand the Risks Your employees […]