5 Vat Mistakes to Avoid

Accounting for VAT and submitting VAT returns is part of doing business for a majority of companies in Ireland. This means allocating resources to ensure your business handles the process properly – financial resources to hire an accountancy practice or staffing resources to do it internally. VAT is a complex area making it all too […]

The 9 Steps of Good Cash Flow Management

Cash flow management is crucial in all business. It involves ensuring you have more money coming into your business than going out. This lets you pay suppliers on time, buy stock, keep operations running smoothly, and invest in your business. Here are the nine steps of good cash flow management.

Save Time with These 7 Business Administration Tips

As a small business owner, it is impossible to avoid business administration. After all, there are tasks that simply need to be done. The time you spend doing administrative tasks, however, is time you cannot spend on growing your business, generating new sales, or providing a good service to your customers. This is why reducing […]

Gilroy Gannon Budget 2018 Bulletin

Minister for Finance, Pascal Donohoe presented his budget yesterday to reveal details of Budget 2018, as expected there were no giveaways however some notable points were; Stamp Duty – increased on commercial property from 2% to 6% USC – A modest reduction in the 2.5% (to 2%) and the 5% (to 4.75%) rate however the […]