What Is a Micro Company?

Financial reporting and compliance obligations for very small companies can be burdensome – much more burdensome than they are for larger companies. In the past, for example, a company turning over a few hundred thousand a year with one or two employees would have the same financial reporting requirements as a company turning over a […]

6 Tips to Ensure You Send Accurate Invoices – And Why It’s Important

Invoicing accurately is an essential part of doing business. This is not something that will happen by itself, however, as there are too many things that can potentially go wrong and that will lead to mistakes. You must take the right steps to ensure you send accurate invoices. Why is this important, though? The main […]

Improving and Maintaining Your Business Credit Score

Do you know your business credit score? When was the last time you checked your business credit report? Is your credit score low and you want to improve it? Your business credit score can have an impact on your business in a number of different ways so it is important to understand how credit scores […]

Tips for Creating a Business Disaster Plan

Your business faces risks that could affect your profitability and damage your reputation. Some risks can even put the survival of your business in jeopardy. This was discussed in last week’s blog. The solution, however, is to put in place a business disaster plan. Below are some tips to help you do this. Creating a […]

Why You Need a Business Disaster Recovery Plan

What would happen in the event of a disaster if your business couldn’t function or serve your customers? How long could this situation continue until you started to lose revenue and clients? At what point will you suffer damage to your reputation? These are all important questions that every business in Ireland should ask. The […]