The Essential – But Brief – Guide to SEO

SEO is a crucial part of online marketing – if you have a website you need SEO. Despite its importance, SEO is something that causes confusion even among people directly involved in digital marketing. Understanding the basics of SEO, however, will help you direct your in-house team and website designers to achieve the best results. […]

Starting a Business While Working for Someone Else

One of the challenges that some people face when starting a business is being able to take a cut in pay – sometimes down to zero – in order to get the business off the ground. One option you might have that will allow you to launch the business while keeping a regular income is […]

Three Ways Cloud Accounting Makes Your Business More Productive

Cloud accounting involves using accounting software on the internet rather than installed on local computers and servers. Your data is stored in the cloud too and instead of opening up a programme, you log into your account using a web browser. Some of the major benefits of using cloud accounting include reduced capital equipment costs […]

Creating Letterheads – What You Need to Know

Even in the modern digital age where a lot of communication is electronic, letterheads are still important. Getting the design right is, therefore, important too. The design includes the overall look of the letterhead as well as the information you must include, should include, and should leave out. Below is a summary of what you […]