CRM Software – Why You Need It and How to Make It Work

CRM software can bring significant benefits to your business. Its core objective is helping you increase sales. It does this in a number of ways including better identification of sales opportunities, reduced levels of sales team administration, and improved sales management. If you have any experience of this type of software, particularly in an SME, […]

4 Common Invoicing Mistakes to Avoid

Payment issues are common in many Irish businesses. Slow payers put a strain on your day-to-day operations and can have a negative impact on cash flow. They also use up resources unnecessarily, can damage client relationships, and distract you from advancing your business. Businesses with slow payment issues are usually making one or more of […]

10-Point Monthly Checklist for Small Business Owners

The life of a small business owner is a busy one making it easy to see several months slip past without noticing. It is always important, however, to take time out to check that everything is as it should be, and that you are on the right track. Use this 10-point monthly checklist as a […]

Four Customer Delivery Marketing Opportunities

The practice of purchasing products remotely and having them delivered has been around for decades, but it has exploded in recent years because of the internet. This has presented great opportunities for many Irish businesses, not least because it is possible to expand your customer base to almost any geographical area you choose. Too many […]