How to Effectively Manage Payroll in Your Business

There are not many people in business who enjoy payroll processing. It is complicated and time consuming plus in some situations it can also be stressful, i.e. when cash flow is tight. The key to handling payroll in your business, however, is to manage it carefully. Here are some tips: Organisation Organisation is crucial to […]

8 Essential Elements of a Business Plan

Business plans are essential when you are looking for finance from investors or lenders, but they can also help you launch a better business. They clarify your ideas and highlight potential problems or weaknesses. They also give you an opportunity to get feedback as people will understand what you are planning and can give you […]

Hiring A Bookkeeper – Should You Do It, When & How

  A bookkeeper is a person who looks after your books. In the modern world of computers, the internet, and cloud accounting solutions, the term bookkeeper is somewhat quaint, but the job role is still essential for most businesses, particularly larger SMEs and big companies. A bookkeeper is usually responsible for the day-to-day financial work […]

Using The Psychology of Persuasion to Increase Sales

Increasing sales is something all businesses want to do. We do everything from developing sales teams to launching sales initiatives to running advertising and marketing campaigns. The psychology of sales can help with almost every aspect of this. Of course it is impossible to go into a topic like this in detail in a short […]