Why You Should Consider Cloud Accounting Tools.

The accountancy tool used in your business should make managing your accounts more accurate and efficient. The less time you have to spend on accounts, the more time you can devote to improving and growing your business. Cloud based accounting solutions offer the possibility of being able to work faster and in a more flexible […]

Supplier Negotiation Tips

All businesses have to make purchases and do deals with suppliers. The deal that you get can impact on the service you are able to give to your customers, and, ultimately, your profitability. One of the ways to improve the deals you get from your suppliers is to be a better negotiator. Here are some […]

3 Essential Steps for Effective Market Research

  If you are launching a new business, developing a new product, or thinking of expanding into a new sector, market research is essential. It is essential because it will save you money. Going straight for a business opportunity without exploring the market can result in you pursuing something that has no realistic chance of […]

8 Leadership Tips to Improve the Performance of Your Team

If you run a business, being a leader is part of the job, although everyone can become a better leader. Just look at the post-career success that is currently enjoyed by famous leaders like Sir Alex Ferguson – he now spends some of his time helping people learn how to be better leaders. Here are […]

5 Ways To Cut IT Costs In Your Business

IT is now a crucial to most businesses. It impacts on almost everything that we do, from communicating to sales presentations to stock control to transaction processing. IT is used because it brings significant benefits to businesses, but it is also a business cost. In many businesses, it is a cost that is increasing. Here […]

6 Common Tax Mistakes

Filing tax returns, doing accounts, paying tax, and dealing with the Revenue, are things that few people would put on a list of their favourite things to do. They are all important though. More specifically doing it correctly is important as getting it wrong can be costly. You can end up paying too much tax, […]