How To Increase Prices Without Losing Customers

Increasing prices is a part of business. It is essential in a number of situations, including to cover rising costs or to help your business grow in the future. Increasing prices is rarely an easy thing to do though. This leads to delays as business owners fear they will lose customers as a result of […]

8 Invoicing Design Tips

Invoicing is an essential process for many businesses. Of course you won’t get paid if you don’t do it, but the way that you do it also affects how you get paid. For example, to get paid quicker it is recommended that you invoice promptly, and follow up regularly. What about the design of your […]

7 Mistakes To Avoid In The Early Days Of A New Business

We have been looking over the past couple of weeks at the common mistakes that people make when starting a new business. In the last article we looked at mistakes made in the planning stage. This week we look at mistakes that are made once the business is launched. Here are seven mistakes to avoid […]