Finding A Business Partner

In many business situations a partnership arrangement is a good idea. Often this applies when a business is starting up, or is looking to expand or diversify.

Surviving a Business Disaster or Disruption

Unplanned events happen in business all the time: a staff member can phone in sick, a computer can break, a customer order can get lost, a project can overrun. As a business leader you have to be adept at dealing with this ebb and flow. What about when a major problem occurs, though? How would […]

What To Look For In A Tax Accountant

For most people the question of tax is high on the list of considerations when they are looking for an accountant for their business. Other things are important too, such as the quality of the business planning advice you might receive, or the ability of the accountant to prepare reports that you can use to […]

Why You Should Hire An Accountant For Your New Business Startup

As a new business you will probably need to hire an accountant when it is time to prepare your first set of annual accounts and make your first tax return. Hiring an accountant before that would be unthinkable for many startups – accountants, after all, cost money. But there are significant benefits to hiring an […]