10 Ways To Save Money On Business Mobile Phone Bills

Mobile phones are now a part of everyday life. For a business they help your team stay connected to each other and to your customers. They are also a cost to your business, though. How do you keep those costs as low as possible while still getting the communication benefits that mobile phones offer? Here are 10 tips to help your business save money on mobile phone bills.

Mobile Phone Bills

  1. Get On A Business Tariff


There is a big difference between personal tariffs and business tariffs. In most situations you will find the business tariff more flexible and cheaper. The customer service is often better too, so you should consider switching.


  1. Avoid International Calls


The quickest ways to rack up your mobile phone bills are to make calls from Ireland to another country, or to make calls to anywhere while you are in another country. The best way to mitigate this is not to make international calls. If you have no choice you should check with your provider to see if they have a bolt-on that will help you limit and/or control the cost.


  1. Check With Your Provider About Data Roaming


Also, check with your provider before you go overseas if you plan to use your phone to access the internet. Make sure they have you on the most cost effective option.


  1. Avoid Premium Numbers


You should ban premium rate telephone numbers in your business, including phoning directory enquiries. You should be able to do this even if a customer or supplier uses a premium rate number. If you ask (or search the internet) you will probably find there is a standard number that you can use.


  1. Consider BYOD


BYOD stands for Bring Your Own Device. It is a concept where you allow your employees to use their own mobile phones at work, and you reimburse them for work related expenses. This benefits you as you do not incur the cost of buying devices. It also benefits your employees as many prefer to use their own phone.


  1. Review Your Usage And Extras With Your Provider


It is always worthwhile contacting your provider periodically to check that you are on the best possible plan. Look at everything that is involved in the plan include hardware upgrade arrangements, add-ons, extras, and data usage.


  1. Shop Around At Renewal


Don’t just let your mobile phone contract roll on once the minimum term has expired. You should always shop around and get quotes from other providers. Your current provider might still be the cheapest, but you won’t know for certain unless you check.


  1. Don’t Phone


You can also encourage your team to reduce their reliance on the phone. They can use email or messaging platforms instead of phone calls in many situations.


  1. Use VoIP


You might also be able to use VoIP and/or video call solutions. These don’t need to be expensive or technically complicated to set up. In fact you can do it for free using apps on your phone like Viber or Skype. With Skype you can even host audio conference calls with up to 25 people – over the internet, and all for free.


  1. Check Your Bill


Finally, make sure you check your bills, particularly those of your employees. This will help you spot any breaches in procedures or rules quickly, but it will also help you identify areas where you are not being as efficient as you might be. For example, two employees speaking to each other on several occasions every day when each of them has the Viber app on their phone.


By using technology, putting guidelines in place, and regularly reviewing your contract, you will be able to cut your mobile phone bills.

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